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Created by nurses for nurses, the Disposable Ampoule Breaker (DAB) turns a hazard step into simple part of the routine.

Why Choose Us

Clean &Smooth Breaks

Consistent ampoule breaks every time


The broken ampoule top is contained in the DAB eliminating lasceration risk

Cost Effective

Safety translates into less down time and insurance claims


User friendly design makes breaking and disposing of ampoules simple

Our Products

Disposable ampoule breakers (DABs)

Free Sample Package

Combination of our 3 DAB sizes (5 each)

Small DAB

For 1ml-4ml ampoules

Medium DAB

For 5ml-10ml ampoules

Large DAB

For 11ml-15ml ampoules

About Us

Welcome to Starr Systems LLC, a woman-owned business nestled in the heartland of the United States, specializing safe ampoule breakers. Our Disposable Ampoule Breaker, reflects our commitment to enhancing safety and efficiency in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Manufactured to the highest standards, we strive to meet the needs of professionals with quality and responsiveness.

Together, we can make a difference.

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