At Starr Systems, we understand that the needs of healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals vary. That’s why we have designed a patented range of Disposable Ampoule Breakers to suit different requirements. Our breakers not only ensure a clean and smooth break but also allow for the secure disposal of the ampoule tip along with the breaker itself. Explore our offerings:

  • Small (1ml-4ml ampoules): Our small ampoule breaker is perfect for handling delicate ampoules in the 1ml to 4ml range. Designed with precision and safety in mind, it provides a clean break and convenient disposal without any hassles.

  • Medium (5ml-10ml ampoules): Crafted for versatility, the patented medium-sized ampoule breaker accommodates ampoules from 5ml to 10ml. Its robust design ensures consistent performance and allows the secure disposal of the ampoule tip, helping professionals to safely manage their tasks with confidence.

  • Large (11ml-15ml ampoules): For those handling larger ampoules from 11ml to 15ml, our large ampoule breaker is the solution. Built with superior materials, it offers an ergonomic grip, effective breaking, and the convenience of disposing of the ampoule tip with the breaker, even with thicker glass.

Each of our Disposable Ampoule Breakers is manufactured to the highest standards, offering an innovative solution that combines safety, convenience, and efficiency. Whether you need to break small, medium, or large ampoules, Starr Systems has the right tool for the job.

Contact us to learn more about our products or to place an order. Together, we can find the perfect solution to meet your unique needs.